Riverside Residents (Staines) Coalition

Residents Riverside (Staines) coalition is a Working Group of five residents’ organisations serving the interests of some 700 residents on both sides of the river:
Thames Edge Management Ltd
Colnebridge Close Residents Association
Staines Village Residents and Traders Association
Richmond Road Residents Association
Friends of The Hythe
Waterside Place (Staines) Residents Management Ltd

Supported by: Staines Town Society

We came together in the summer of 2020 initially to oppose the 14-storey Arora hotel/apartment complex on the Bridge Street Car Park and Hanover House site in the sensitive riverfront Staines Conservation Area. This development was announced by Spelthorne Borough Council in May, with an illustration of the scheme posted on the Arora Group website. It is expected to be submitted as a Planning Application early in 2021.
Our sphere of collective interest quickly broadened to include an equally vigorous opposition to the many other high-rise tower block developments (up to 15 storeys) in the pipeline for Staines. These would, in our view, further wreck the town’s public realm, town-scape and sky-line; cripple it’s already overburdened road and other infrastructure; and ruin Staines as a place in which to live, work and visit.Both as individual organisations and as a coalition we are strictly non-political. We will work with any bona fide organisation that supports our goals and strategy for meeting them.

Our strategy is to:

  • develop and execute a vigorous campaign of opposition to the Arora scheme and other high-rise developments in Staines.
  • seek to work constructively and positively with Spelthorne Borough Council a) to secure a more appropriate development of the Car Park / Hanover House site, and b) to ensure Spelthorne meets its housing targets in ways that do not turn Staines into a high-rise heaven for developers and a dormitory town for commuters.

Email: Riverside.Residents.Staines@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2781023228802920

Website: http://www.riversideresidentsstaines.org.uk/